The Expansive, Complicated, Amazing World of Photography

Today in the lab, we worked with the Nikon D7000. I was initially very nervous to use such an expensive piece of equipment, especially after the discussions we have had in lecture and in lab about damage to the cameras, or any piece of equipment. I was extremely careful handling the camera as we went over aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance in class. Then, we were set free to take some photographs and learn the camera. 

I was very careful to make sure I was properly taking care of the camera. Once I started getting used to it, I was extremely surprised at how much I loved taking pictures. Prof. Morrow said to look at things differently, and somehow that really registered with me. I was interested in taking pictures of anything and everything in sight. 

After class, I began to walk about on campus, looking for something emotional or striking to shoot. I came across a protest of students with signs and flyers. Instantly, I pulled out my camera and started pressing the shutter. When I walked by again fifteen minutes later, the students were gone. Even though it wasn’t a massive movement, I was glad space and time in the universe came together at the perfect moment for me to capture those shots.


I walked through the Memorial Union archway and made my way to the corner of campus. I was delighted to turn around and see the tip of Jesse Hall in the distance. Just to think, if I hadn’t turned around at that split second, I may not have captured the shot. Though it doesn’t have the best elements, I felt it was a pretty good shot for a girl who has never picked up a “semi-professional” camera in her life. How could I fall in love after only a few minutes behind the lens? 


It’s only a start, but I can’t wait to spend more time using a camera. I’ve also never used PhotoShop, so I look forward to next class and the assignment to discover more ways to make my photographs better and more intriguing. There’s so much out there for us to capture; we just have to go out and look for it.


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