The Apple Curse

I don’t watch much television, but recently I’ve been cursed by the new, ultra appealing Apple iPod/iPad mini/iPhone commercials. Take this one for instance:

Apple knows what they are doing. They show a new product moving to upbeat music, basically dancing across the screen. And while you’re watching, you catch a glimpse a the bright, clean screen with music titles that you like. Then, smaller iPods (the iPod shuffle) emerge, and you think, wow, that looks cool. Look how tiny it is! All of this is going on around a completely white background, so your attention is no where but on the product at hand. Speaking of hands, the end of the commercial puts the iPod into a hand. Almost like the product is floating right into your hand! How could you not jump off the couch, hop in your car, and go get one right now?! Apple knows what they are doing.

This ad is just one of many that Apple has used to sell their products. How do they do it? They know what you want. Many new cars today are compatible with Apple products like iPhones and iPods, so you can listen to your favorite music or have all your contacts synced so you can make calls at the push of a button. Also, Apple controls iTunes, which many artists exclusively release music to. Albums are even generated to iTunes quality, so you get the best digital sound. There is also the App Store, with thousands, if not millions of apps to choose from; many that you can only receive on an Apple product. Then, there’s the fact that almost everyone has an Apple product, so if you don’t you’re missing out! iPhones have iMessage that can make group messages fun and easy, and send messages to iPhones faster than text messages. I personally have an iPhone 4S, so I am exposed to the pros of Apple products. They are great! And Apple commercials know how to sell them to you.

Whoever the graphics director is for Apple products has to be making bank. Those iPods bouncing around on the screen is priceless.

If you’re as enticed as I am right now, check out more ads from Apple. They’re alluring, I promise:


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