Should Christians Be Offended?

Recently, Saturday Night Live did a skit where the cast parodied the movie, “Passion of the Christ” and other Christian beliefs, such as Jesus’ judgment of the Romans after He returns to Earth. The skit was titled “DJesus Uncrossed”, which also parodies Quentin Tarantino’s most recent hit, “Django Unchained,” and past success, “Inglorious Basterds.” See below:

I consider myself a Christian. I grew up going to a Baptist church every Sunday, and I was raised on the morals of the Bible and the Christian faith. In recent years, I have been less religious, but I still live my life based on the morals upon which I was raised.

To me, this video does call for some offense. Portraying Jesus in a negative light, such as killing humans, doesn’t sit very well with me. Jesus was the one who died on the cross for our sins, not someone who would come back and massacre his own people.

On the other hand, Saturday Night Live is a comedy show. They make fun of all kinds of people; actors, musicians, directors, and other famous people. Sometimes, they’re funny, even when they cross the line. I can see how many of their writers could have seen this as another way to cross the line and get some laughs.

For people who are extremely religious, and take offense to anything said against their religion, I feel they should calm down and take the humor a little bit lightly. We live in a day and age where nothing is off-limits and everyone will be made fun of, no matter who they are or what they believe. I understand people being upset, and I am in that category of offense, but it’s a television show. The writers and actors are trying to get a laugh out of people. It can hurt, but people are going to make jokes, and once things are said, it’s really hard to get them to be taken back.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and even if they do no agree to what we believe, we have to be tolerant and accepting of others. Though I do not see this skit as tolerant in any way, I know there are people out there that are not Christians and don’t have a problem with the skit. My only hope is that the writers of SNL see that they have offended many people, and hopefully they scale back on their jokes. I would not be surprised to see a ratings drop for the show. Maybe their target audience isn’t diehard Christians who will refuse to watch their show and make them lose money because of this, but maybe they will change the way to conduct business as to not offend so many people.

Overall, I disagree with this skit, but I am not extremely angry and up in arms over it. I will not start a movement or riot against the show. I will not bash others and call out people who agree with the skit. I will personally try to be my best and be understanding about the situation. My hope is that others are understanding as well and can find it in their heart to eventually forgive and forget.


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