Real Life Reruns

First off, I would like to say sorry for the late post this week. I just got done working with Kevin in the studio for some B-roll on the video assignment due next week. We had a few problems getting in; he forgot to confirm with the higher-ups that it was okay for me to come in and film. I almost wasn’t able to take any shots, but at the last minute, his boss said it was okay, and I stayed for a while to get some good detail shots. Hopefully all comes out well in the video!

Also, I wanted to blog on the NPR radio links Sally sent us this week. I got time to listen to them this morning, and before I had time to blog, I had to catch up with Kevin for the shoot.

I was really intrigued by the NPR segment called “Reruns.” I listened to the whole hour and kicked myself for not listening to more radio. Sometimes I’m so busy that I forget that such great media like this is out there. I’ve made a mental note to listen more carefully in the future.

I was hooked in the beginning, when Starlee Kine was talking about “Boy Meets World.” I love that show. I grew up with that show, and I’m excited for the comeback, “Girl Meets World.” Kine said that she didn’t really like the show, but she watched it because it comforted her to know that kids watched it and were able to take something away from it. For Kine, the show had a factor of safety, which she liked. I’ve never thought about the show that way, but it does have an air of safety. Maybe that’s why I like it. Maybe I like it because every time I watch, I get to reminisce about my childhood, which for me, if very comforting.

I was also intrigued by a story that featured Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Watch the animation below:

I thought the story was hilarious, and thinking back, there are some stories that I have heard so much over the years from family and friends, that I think I was there, even when I wasn’t. I think a lot of people can relate, especially married people, that sometimes we hear stories so much, with such great imagery, that we feel like we were there. More than that, when the story features someone we care about or have an emotional connection to, the stories become more real. Maybe that’s why this happens so much with couples, as the radio journalist focused on in this segment. Memory is such a testy thing, we can’t really rely on it. Sometimes it’s best to just revel in the stories and hope something interesting happens to us that we can share with others from our own memories.


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