Animals Laugh Too, Right?

So, my best friends and I are extremely goofy. We’re always making jokes with each other, and we rarely get mad at each other because we never take each other too seriously. We have a knack for sharing funny videos and Buzzfeed articles on each other’s Facebook pages, and earlier this week, one of my friends posted the video above one on one of our walls. These two guys are students from the University of Virginia (as shown by their hats in other videos on their page) and they definitely have the same mentality as my friends and I by never taking each other too seriously. Plus, they already have more than 23 million views on this video alone, which was just posted last week.

After laughing hysterically, I thought about the history of funny videos. Really, they’ve only been around for about five or ten years, tops. With the Internet expanding so much, there’s more and more places to be creative. That really translates to journalism, because now there’s more and more places to spread the news as well. How many stories can we get to reach 23 million people?

What’s even more frightening (to me at least) is that people become famous this way! People like Justin Bieber get record deals, and comedians like Jenna Marbles become household names. I think that’s cool and all, but it’s so easy to just sit behind a computer screen in the comfort of your own home. I like people that actually get out there and do something, and get famous the genuine way, if that’s what they aim for. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. More power to them, using their tools of technology to their advantage.

Anyways, enjoy the video, check out their others as well! Can’t wait for this week to fly by; I’ll be taking care of Greek Week’s Fling for the student newspaper as well as filming and shooting for the final project. On top of that, I will be studying for tests and other projects in my classes. Let’s hope I make it! To anyone reading this who may be stressed out, you can do it! We are in the home stretch, only about a month left! Yay for summer!


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