Pretty days and PED

What a beautiful day! Today was 65 and sunny, and I am so happy because the Missouri winter has gone on long enough. Spring, here we come (hopefully)!

Today, my shift at KBIA kept me pretty busy. I was assigned a story about the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PED. It’s a virus only found in swine and it’s killing millions of little piglets (I know, devastating and gross). Because of this, pork prices will likely rise towards the end of the summer, so don’t be too surprised when your bacon costs six or seven bucks at the store. They can’t contain this virus that’s killed about five million pigs nationwide.

This story made my stomach turn. How disturbing! One source I spoke with said this one virus is just a small issue within a bigger problem. The mass production style of the meat producing industry has spread all kinds of viruses to our food. You know those salmonella outbreaks that occur a few times a year? Yeah, that’s no accident or coincidence. People should definitely look into how their food is made. I did today and I might go vegetarian. But then again pesticides used for fruits and vegetables can be harmful too…

I guess the world will starve if we solve these food industry problems because there’s basically nothing you can eat without the risk of running into these things. Everyone has to eat and there’s billions of us on Earth so it’s hard to do this without killing some people off. That same source I talked to said something along the lines of, we put high quality gas in our cars but don’t think about what we put in our mouths. Food for thought, my friends.

Anyways, the rest of my day turned out pretty well, especially considering my B1 lab partner and I procrastinated on a video story until today. Sometimes, things get busy and there’s just not enough hours in the day. That’s just the life of a journalist, I suppose.

Special birthday shout out to my childhood best friend Maurizia Taylor and my Mizzou friend Morgan Young! Love y’all both and I hope you guys had wonderful days!


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