Life Update Because I Felt Like It

I don’t post on social media very much. Most of my posts to Facebook and Twitter are at the urging of my best friends who think a particular post would be funny. Occasionally I update my photos to something recent or noteworthy.

Overall, I am not the most popular. I have a small group of close friends and quite a few acquaintances, but I keep most of my life private. We are warned early on as journalists that over-sharing can get us in trouble, and no one wants to be fired down the line because a tweet or Facebook post is taken the wrong way and a news organization doesn’t want to represent that.

Maybe out of fear of that sentiment, or maybe because my life is super boring and I don’t have a lot to share, I simply don’t post much. But, at times, I’d like to give an update of my life. So, here it goes.

I’m a junior at Mizzou. I plan to graduate in May 2016. I am a journalism major with an emphasis in Radio/Television Reporting and Anchoring. I plan on spending a decent chunk of this coming semester at KOMU. I am also working on a history minor because I love it so much. I live in an apartment with three roommates. I spent some of winter break back home in Georgia and it feels really weird living in two places. I want to go back home to Georgia, or at least the Southeast, after I graduate but I will go anywhere I can get a decent job. I work part time at Office Depot in Columbia, and I have some really awesome co-workers. I am still the president of NSCS at Mizzou and many of my posts on Facebook will likely continue to be about that. In the little free time that I ever have, I like to leisure read, draw, paint, or listen to music. I got a private tour of the Chiefs stadium, Arrowhead, from my brother around Christmas time and it was one of the best days ever. My favorite sports teams are Mizzou (obviously), KC Chiefs, KC Royals, and the St. Louis Cardinals when they are in season and Morgan and Kaylyn watch every game.

That’s probably more than you care about. But, I thought I might share. Y’all can go on about your lives now.


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