What True Accomplishment Feels Like

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In a text message to my mom earlier this week, I called it the most stressed out I’ve ever been in my entire life. I wasn’t lying. This past week has been the hardest I’ve ever had. But, I learned so much. I learned to never give up, and that tenacity wins overall. This is my story. This is what true accomplishment feels like for me.

It started Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo. Now, Matt (content director at KOMU) did not want to resort to a holiday story. They’re overdone, and unless you’re talking about a police officer who hands out $100 to needy families during Christmas time, they mostly aren’t worth it. Well, we had nothing else going on, so I ended up doing that story and talking to police about how they would monitor drunk people on this “Cinco de Drinko” day. They wouldn’t talk to me on camera, so I did a phone interview in my car in a parking lot. I wanted to record it for audio, so I had the camera propped up in my car.

I did the phone interview with the car running, and when I hung up, I noticed my car almost over-heating. It wasn’t completely to the H, but it was getting there. I turned off the car, called my grandpa for help, and called the station to have someone come get me so I could finish my shift. Well, Spencer Wilson and I got the camera case and the tripod, but when we got back to the station, I realized the camera wasn’t in the camera case. I had left it in my car. I had a meltdown.

I have had such a hard semester with this class and feeling like I was going to fail when I have never failed a class in my life, that I couldn’t handle it. I broke down in the newsroom in front of everyone. I was literally screaming “The camera isn’t in there” so loud, people thought I was hurt. Matt took me outside and calmed me down. I finished the shift and was later able to fix my car and go home.

Then, Wednesday, I had a reshoot for an enterprise. For those of you that don’t know, enterprises are longer stories with multiple interviews, typically done in more than one day. I had filmed an enterprise in 2 days, a Wednesday and Thursday, but the Wednesday video didn’t save correctly, so I had to do the interview again. Well, I did, and when I came back to edit the next Thursday, the video was gone. I left it in a folder that the station archived and deleted, so if the footage hadn’t aired yet, it was gone. It sucked that something I had worked on for weeks was completely gone. And I really didn’t like explaining to my sources that their story wasn’t going to air.

So after losing my enterprise Thursday, I went home. I was so angry at myself for saving the video in a place that was to be deleted (I didn’t even know they deleted them during the semester!). I honestly looked up how successful people deal with failure. I found that successful people accept their mistakes and don’t take challenges personally. That really helped me. I decided to email Matt a story for Friday.

The Mayor of Columbia held a news conference about a pedestrian task force. For those in Columbia, you know we have dealt with several pedestrian accidents and deaths in the past 6 or 7 months. This is a big topic of discussion. I got up early, went to the press conference, got interviews, stayed with this story throughout the entire day, and turned it into an amazing package. Plus, I was desk assistant from 8-midnight (it was a long, but good, day). Please watch my story below and let me know what you think. After a week of terrible hardship (and I’m not even going into EVERYTHING that went wrong because this is already too long), I overcame it yesterday.

If you’re having a hard time and feeling burnt out. Don’t give up. Everyone faces failure. Don’t take it personally. You might fail, but YOU are not a failure.

Thanks for reading. I love and appreciate your support.



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